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As a Certified Public Accountant, I have a very diverse and strong business background after working with small business owners for many years. I have extensive experience working with business owners as their preferred outsourced bookkeeper.

Imagine you just bought a piece of new equipment for your business. It might be useful, but how much will it cost to operate in the longterm? How frequently are you going to use it? What will it generate from a profit standpoint? Will it help you grow?

Something that makes sense for your business might not make sense for your checkbook. I can help you understand these difficult decisions and what they mean for your business.


Sandra Valenti, CPA


“Little Calumet Holdings”

Sandra Valenti came into my business life on the heels of a tragedy. My long time accountant, Bob Hamblin, lost his long battle with a terrible illness while still taking care of my accounting and bookkeeping. It was like losing a member of the family. Sandra and Bob knew each other and he had suggested her to me when he was incapacitated several years ago. Sandra stepped in and, though our business relationship was brief, she filled in for Bob to my satisfaction.

Now, upon his death, I had to find someone else to take care of our financial needs: bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, you name it. I discussed the situation with Sandra and she assured me that she could handle all of those needs for Little Calumet Holdings, LLC. And she did! And she has. Not only did she pick up where Bob left off without a hiccup but when the IRS suddenly decided to audit our business Sandra stepped up and offered to help.

Remember, she had only recently assumed the responsibilities of my business and had to familiarize herself with all the material and work Bob Hamblin had left behind. As a business owner who wants to spend his time reading research papers about probiotic bacteria the IRS summons was greeted much like an announcement that the Inquisitor wanted to stop by and chat. I was uneasy, at best, not knowing what to expect. However, with Sandra at the table with the IRS auditor during his two visits, everything went smoothly. The auditor and Sandra had, from my perspective, a comfortable but professional relationship.

Sandra helped me understand many of the requests the agent was making and how to find the information among my papers or in my accounts. Her presence and professionalism made a big difference, especially to my peace of mind. We have a good working relationship and I appreciate that she understands my idiosyncrasies and lack of experience when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting. I trust her judgment and respect her professionalism. Without hesitation I would recommend her practice to friend or family.

E. Frank Hodal, Jr., President and CEO Little Calumet Holdings, LLC the creators of Vidazorb®






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